Baby death

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>If a post-mortem establishes that a child aged less than a
>year died by choking on his own vomit, is this consistent
>with the kid having been suffocated? Or are there more
>likely explainations (reaction to a vaccine, mercury
>poisoning)? Would an examination of the remains, a year
>later, be able to find out more about the real cause of
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There are many reasons why babies may vomit and choke, and none of the
ones you suggest seem very likely.

I notice you frequently post here asking for information on a range of
medical conditions, usually providing so little background that your queries
are unanswerable. There are far more reliable and appropriate ways of
accessing medical opinion than by continually posting these vague queries to
Usenet. In any event, it is clear that your queries are motivated by
something other than academic interest. Are you by any chance a lawyer? 

Of course this may be none of my business, but I feel somewhat
uncomfortable with the way you use this forum. 
Nick Medford

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