New psychobiological model of the human behavior

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I'm an educator and I currently finish at the University of Bordeaux
(France) a interdisciplinary thesis (psychobiology, neuroscience,
psychology, ethnology) having for object the comprehension of the human
behavior (emotion, cognition, parental, sexuality, aggression, language,

This research task leads to new explanatory theories of the human
behavior, and I'll wish to come into contact with people interested by
the behavioral problems (social researchers, psychiatrists, teachers,
) to confront my hypotheses with other models or practices.

I carried out a internet site which presents, in a summarized way, the
essence of my results and their implications.
For those which would be interested, URL address is the following one :  (in the event of problems, a mirror site
is available at )

Cordially, Serge Wunsch

Anthropology : psychobiology of the human behavior (emotion, cognition,
maternal, sexuality, aggression, language.

Summarized presentation of a scientific study about the human behavior
(emotion, cognition, maternal, sexuality, aggression, language,
symbolic). Discipline : psychobiology (synthesis between neuroscience
and psychology), ethology & anthropology ; Method : interdisciplinary,
systemic & integrative.

Principal key words :
psychobiology, neuroscience, psychology, behavior, behaviour, emotion,
cognition, maternal, sexuality, aggression, language, symbolic,
emergence, systemism, human psychobiology, human behavior,
psychopathology, anthropology, ethnology, ethology, human.
Complementary key words :
parental, paternal, sexual, violence, speech, psychism, neurophysiology,
education sciences, ethics, bioethics, interdisciplinary.

Categories : Social sciences & Biology
Under-categories : Psychobiology, Neurosciences, Psychology

Any public of higher formation, in the human and life sciences :
researchers, psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers, students, ...

English & French

Discussions concerning the human cognition and behaviors, in a
psychobiological approach (synthesis between neurosciences and
The objective is, on the one hand, to start a reflexion concerning a new
- psychobiological - approach of the study of human behavior, and, on
the other hand, to think on the concrete implications of the
psychobiological data concerning the behavioral problems (affective,
socialization, violence, 

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