Dizzyness and unsteadyness

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Wed Mar 1 00:31:26 EST 2000

I am a neurologist in south Korea
your symptoms give me several impressions

the 1st is basilar migraine which shows many brainstem
symptoms including dizziness and unsteadiness. and your symptom is
severe,may be  called migranosus status, because it recur many times a day.

the 2nd impression is sensory seizure(you know, it is developed by abnormal
hyperactivity of some part of the brain), and you should take EEG check
,especially when the symptom is ongoing.
I recommend Dr. Baloh, a famous neurologist and an expert on basilar
migraine, who is professor of UCLA, department of neurology

If you cannot go to UCLA immediately, go to nearest neurologist.
good luck!

dolbaeke at hanmail.net
department of neurology
Dongsan medical center
Daegu, Korea

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> Hello
> I? a 24 year old girl who has suffered from dizzy and-unsteadyness for
> about 8 moths.
> It can take expresions like a "increasing" puls, a wobblingsensation, like
> move along with every pulsbeat, rock along...it? ha?d to explain.
> Other times I just feel a the ground under me rocks, moves!
> I feel like I? going to faint or fall over but I?e never fallen or
> fainted,  knock on wood.
> I have a "pressure" in my ears.
> I have it EVERY day more than 20 times a day. Almost all of the time.
> I?e taken bloodtest, checked my ears and eyes, even done a head-
> Xray. No luck, nobody can find the source of the problem.
> Can somebody please help me, I? loosing it!
> Thanx!

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