Bilateral nerve connection in hands.

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> An associate (female 42 yrs) has a condition whereby
> each hand follows the other almost exactly.  In other
> words when she moves one hand the other hand tracks
> it almost exactly.
> She has had this condition since an infant and although
> it does not appear to bother her she is curious if there is
> a medical term (definition) for this condition and also if
> there is any known non-invasive cure or therapy?
> Thanks for any help.
> Gil Groehn
> Ultramed, Inc.
Within the field of learning disabilities, there is a concept of
crossing the midline.  There is likely more than one reason why this
might occur including the idea of microscopic injury points/loss of
insulation/whatever in the corpus callosum (or other area/areas).
Within a small subpopulation of the mild ADHD syndrome, there is at
least one report where a mild CNS agent, an FDA approved medicine, a
special caffeine compound, tended to temporarily correct a challenge
involving fine motor control/crossing the midline (reported by Anita
Uhl Brothers, M.D., of Berkeley, California in 1981).

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