evolutionary significance of emotions !!

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> >  (Estimates for lifetime risk of developing severe depression is, I
> >  around 8% in females and 0.3% in males.

> This sentence caught my eye, and I apologize for deviating completely from
> the topic.  Has anyone investigated why the risk of depression in women is
> 25 times greater than that in men?

There have been several biological and social factors suggested which might
place women at higher risk. I am not well informed in this matter, however
lower estrogen levels seems to be a primary factor. For example, it is my
understanding that most crises relating to depression occur either the day
before or on the first day of menstruation. Postpartum depression is also a
good example. Perhaps the review at
http://www.cme-reviews.com/PP1198_Granat.html  will prove more informative
or at least serve as a useful starting point for further research.

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