evolutionary significance of emotions !!

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> No, because it isn't. Lifetime prevalence for depression is generally
quoted at
> 2.5 - 4.5% for men and 5 - 9% (i.e. roughly twice as high) for women. Peak
> age of onset is in the 30s for women and in the 40s for men.

The 2:1 ratio is certainly more commonly used. But, it is my understanding
that this ratio is based on an assumption that males are less likely to seek
treatment for depression. I don't place much trust in data manipulation
techniques, and chose instead an estimate based on actual reported
incidences of major depression. However, I am no statistician and there may
be more to the 2:1 ratio than I am aware. I have no problem conceding to the
2:1 ratio; it has no major impact on my arguments.

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