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> >While not all depressed individuals are highly creative, there certainly
> >appears to be a higher incidence of depression in highly creative
> >individuals. In this sense, an association between creativity and
> >may exist.
> >
> >In "The Price of Greatness: Resolving the Creativity and Madness
> >Controversy", Arnold Ludwig presents findings that:
> >
> >50-67% of artists studied displayed symptoms of severe depression as
> >at rates twice normal, and 11-17% displayed symptoms of mania. 28%
> >symptoms of mania at the peak of their careers.
> >
> >25-33% of scientists studied displayed symptoms of severed depression as
> >adults. 3% displayed symptoms of mania at the peak of their careers.
> >
> >(Estimates for lifetime risk of developing severe depression is, I
> >around 8% in females and 0.3% in males. Estimates for lifetime risk of
> >developing bipolar disorder is around 0.7% in both females and males.)
> >
> >In "Touched With Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic
> >Temperament", Kay Jamieson presents similar findings. These are perhaps
> >most often quoted studies, but there are plenty of others.
> Anthony Storr has also written well on the psychology of creativity and
> possible relationship with mental distress of various kinds.

Armed with evolution theory and an overview of available facts and
mainstream interpretations of how brains work, some general points from
natural history, and our human history and prehistory, I have contrived a
marginally uniquely powerful set of conceptual lenses/tools through which to
grasp/view how we are and get/came to be this way.

(a far from perfect, but at least never "inEPT", zoomable
umbrella-explanatory platform-terminology)

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