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I can send you a few notes (very concise summaries/key words) which I happen
to have in my possession and you seem to understand French well enough
(remember Jean Cocteau...):

1) Le GSM et la santé: que disent physique et biologie?

2) Mobilophonie: comparaison entre normes et effets biologiques

3) GSM: émetteurs et portables, quels dangers? (from a TV programme)

I hope this helps.

Could you possibly give me your fax number?


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>Mobile phone decreased processing time in tasks requiring attentional
>functions of the prefrontal cortex (but not in semantic functions
>related to the temporal cortex). The reduction was bigger than could be
>explained by faster axonal conduction, som it should be synaptic
>(glutamate??). Possibilities include the effect of raised temperature
>(the known microwave energy from this mobile phone with 0.25 W mean,
>2 W peak energy output  was assumed to raise brain temperature by
>0.11 Centigrade in 15 min), and indirect effect via heat shock protein.
>  This was reported by Koivisto et al., Neuroreport 11:413-415, 2000.
>Now my question is - where can I find data about the transmitted energy
>of different mobile phone models? Conventional GSM phones transmit
>energy to the brain in a magnitude of 0.3-0.44 W/kg.
>Dag Stenberg

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