Looking for a Neurobiologist

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Fri Mar 3 22:40:13 EST 2000

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  "Ise Amra" <Ise.Amra at freesurf.fr> wrote:
> Hello everybody ;
> Please excuse my certainly very bad english.
> I a psychotherapist, and have invented a method wich desactivates
> undesirable psychological and physical symtoms. It seems to affect
> cell's memory. This method is only by words (no medicines, nor
> I would like to work with a Neurobiologist, to verify the exact
effect of my
> method on the brain cells.
> I hope this is the right forum to present such request. If not, please
> excuse my intrusion.
> Isé
> Where do you live?
Maybe we can contact by phone or even in person. I never miss the
opportunity to learn something new.


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