dizzyness, unsteadyness, dispare

Fredrik Müller frittem at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 4 15:21:41 EST 2000

I´m 24 years old.
I have for 8 moths had a stange and unexplained dizzyness and unsteadyness.
I have it everyday, I have it walking, standing, sitting, laying. I have it
several times a day, I should be varey glad if it goes one hole hour between
the attacks....
It sort of feels like the earth is moving, wobbling, shaking, like somebody
pushes me and almost makes me fall over!
I have NO pain, not anywhere. I have a "preasure" in my ears witch wont go
away. I can feel shakey in my muscels in the morning and start trembling,
not much, just a little.
I have perfect eyesight, they can´t see anything in my ears, my heart beats
well, the bloodtests are good so is the bloodpreasure. I´ve had a CT done
and they ruled out the possibility of tumour or bleedings in the brain, they
saw a perfectly healthy brain and body. I, howevere, feel like shit. This
irruptes all my day. Can´t do my work, can´t function as a normal person in
every day lifestyles. I´m panict everytime I get these feelings.
I have pain in my feet sometimes, I think it is because I try ,uncontsiusly,
to keep my balance. I feel like I´m going to fall, faint and so on, but I
never had. This is not panic-attacs, no stress, no such things, this is a
real problem with some medical explainasion I or any doctor can´t seem to
find! Can somebody please help me.
My neck is sometimes very stiff, but the doctors say that it would show in
so many other ways if it was from there the problem came.
Please somebody. Does anyone know anything to help me!!??

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