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Albert Grueger Albert.Grueger at
Sun Mar 5 20:16:23 EST 2000

if you do an exam of sensory evoked potentials you will find the first
cortical answer to stimuli 
- at the arm (median-nerve-EP) after appr. 20 milliseconds
- at the leg (tibial-nerve-EP) after appr. 40 milliseconds
corresponding to nerve-conduction velocities of about 50-60

Whereas there are also earlier (subcortical) and later (secondary and
tertiary cortical areas) answers, these potentials are thought to
correspond to primary sensory area of the cortex, where touch comes to
conscious perception.

Greetings, Albert

seaknight navigation inc. schrieb:
> What is the approximate minimum time required to perceive e.g. touch, from
> the onset of the stimulus, assuming that the cerebral cortex is necessary
> for conscious perception?
> Thank you in advance
> Cynthia

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