evolutionary significance of emotions !!

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>I'll have to be more cautious when using EB in the future.

Yes, it's a bit worrying, one tends to think of the EB as an unimpeachable
source. Wonder how many other errors are in there.
>> >Depression in
>> >my mind refers to general depression which includes major (unipolar and
>> >bipolar) and minor (dysthymic and cyclothymic) affective disorders. My
>> >estimates were specifically for major depression. (Actually, I think I
>> >have used severe depression rather than major depression, but the meaning
>> >the same).
>> Personally I wouldn't include
>> chronic dysthymia as a major affective disorder.
>I'm not sure I understand. I list dysthymia as a minor affective disorder.

Yes, I was agreeing with that. Sorry if that wasn't clear. 
>> Bipolar disorder actually shows no sex bias. The lifetime prevalence is
>> 0.012%, males = females.
>This I know for certain. However, "educational" materials distributed by
>several pharmaceuticals are claiming a 2:1 ratio for bipolar.

Really? That's also worrying!

Nick Medford

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