Augmenting Human Intelligence

Steve Palmer spalmer at
Tue Mar 7 12:14:06 EST 2000

    You know, you're actually supposed to build a better mouseTRAP, not a
better mouse.  : )

Neil Farbstein wrote in message ...
>Everybody has heard about the CREB mice that learn twice as fast. I have
>conceived of a genetic modification  that should cause increased
>intelligence! Lamanin A chain causes dendrite growth. It is a fragment of a
>cell adhesion molecule. New dendrites grow when something has been learned
>and it is my contention that transforming animals with the lamanin A chain
>gene will cause an increase in intelligence equal to or greater than that
>shown in smart mice. If lamanin A chain could  get through
>the blood brain barrier by means of a delivery system it could be injected
>or inhaled to cause an increase in intelligence in human beings.
>If you have a neurolab equipped for studying animal learning and access to
>transgenic animal facilites, send me e-mail at Protologics at
>want to get in touch with you. My name is Neil Farbstein. I am the
>of  Protologics Consultants,
>a biotechnology consulting firm. I would like to talk to somebody who is
>interested in testing this idea.

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