Alzheimer ? Aluminium

James aasemaj at
Tue Mar 7 15:29:12 EST 2000

> Is there a link bewteen Alzheimer and Aluminium ? Any pointers welcome !
I think here you are referring to the possible enviromental cause of AD
originating from Aluminium.  There is some evidence supporting this due to
the fact that Aluminium is a very good oxidizer, and chemicals with this
property are known to play a role in AD onset and development.  High levels
of Iron, Aluminium, and other oxidant with low levels of antioxidants such
as Vitamin E accelerate cortical atrophy and other
Morphological/Phychological symptoms.  Aricept (donepezil) not only
increases the amount of Ach at synapses, but it also decreases the amount of
free radical formation due to the breakdown of acetylcholine by
acetylcholinesterase.  Oxidation plays a large role in AD.


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