HELP with a mock research proposal; standard tests.

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Wed Mar 8 01:13:40 EST 2000


       I'm writing up a mock research proposal for my Behavioral
Endocrinology class. The aim of the proposal is to look at the
differences in cognitive ability and sensory perception in the sexes and
the male intersexes (ie: Heterosexual Males and Females; Homosexual men,
Homosexual Transsexual Male to Female men, and Heterosexual Transsexual
Male to Female men). The idea being that their results will allow one to
place them along a continuum from true "Maleness" to "Femaleness", this
has been done before for homosexual men and to some extent for
Homosexual MF Transsexuals but to my knowledge there is not study
looking at all the male intersexes. Though this is a mock proposal I
believe the results would help back up the organizational model of sex
steroid driven  sexual differentiation as well as support Diamon's 4
stage theory of male sexual differentiation of the brain.

    However I know little of psychological testing and here is where I
need help. Can anyone suggest which standard tests I should use to
determine the following:

   * Homosexuality (perhaps with some differentiation between the types,
     but not  necessary)
   * Homosexual Male to Female transsexual (preferable early onset
   * Heterosexual Male to Female transsexual (again preferably early
     onset Transsexuals

As well as tests for determining

   * Tactile sensitivity
   * Aural sensitivity
   * Visual peripheral acuity???

    Also if you can suggest any other sensory or cognitive tests which
might be useful in determining the differences between male and female
nervous systems. I already have verbal memory and spatial ability
covered for cognitive, any others?

            Thanks for any and all help, it's much appreciated.

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