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> You're assuming I had a choice. What you are providing is good advice but
> you lack the necessary knowledge of my background to fully understand why
> choose this course. Consider the possibility that there is little I can do
> about my social situation. For many years I led a very active social life
> and to this day have many friends here and there, but after so many years
> fighting prejudice (ie, lack of job opportunities because of the way I
> some medical conditions which limit my prospects) I have become extremely
> tired with being denied a fair go. I used to think I had something
> constructive to offer this society, these days however I'm just flat out
> surviving. This is not whingeing, it is simply the truth.

Actually, I am assuming you had no choice. :)

I hope the whining comment was not due to the term "self-pity". I only used
it in the most literal sense. I needed a term to contrast with self-reproach
to carry the differences between an outwardly directed behavior and an
inwardly directed behavior.

I'm not really giving advice either; just making commentary. I certainly do
not have all the answers ... yet.

> Yes I sense these, but please do not presuppose that these criticisms and
> conflicts do not exist.

I do not understand. Of course they exist. Just as conflicts with our
environment exists. The primary difference is that in one case the focus is
on internal contradiction, disorder and imbalance and in the other case the
focus is on external contradiction, disorder and imbalance.

As for an earlier comment of which comes first, I see conflict merely as a
response between an individual and an environment.

> I'm far from being a perfectionist also, if anything I'm great at starting
> things but lousy at finishing them.

As a perfectionist I often have difficulty commiting my ideas to final form.
However, I also have little patience with detail and analysis. As soon as I
have explored an idea, I am ready to move on to something else. Both
interfere with my ability to finish things. Being a perfectionist in no way
implies ability to complete tasks.

> > Further, the strong similarities between the symptoms of depression and
> > behaviors normally observed during the incubation stages of the creative
> > process should not be ignored. Many (not all) cases of depression may
> > be extremes of the incubation process and may play an important role in
> > development of the individual. (Dabrowski's Theory of Positive
> > Disintegration suggests something similar).

> No, I think the creativity that arises out of depression requires more
> just depression.

Actually, I was suggesting that, in some cases, depression many arise out of
creative impulses.

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