evolutionary significance of emotions !!

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 In the face of danger that cannot be challenged, the best
survival is to hide.

True, but if you cannot hide ... depression. I agree anyway

> Look harder, there just might be
> > good reasons for feeling bad. Why is feeling good always good?

The risck is when there is actually a way out and a bad feeling of
helpless panic do not allow us to find it.

> Given that 99.5% of all species are extinct, if natural selection acts
on the species then evolution is a real bummer. If evolution acted to
preserve a species this would be oppositional to variation arising as
variation will eventually lead to speciation.

I'm not quite sure that I follow, but "preserve species" does not imply
absence of changements. Think that species often "speciate" to survive.

> We are the behavioural rules, are very selves are the behavioural
rules that evolution has created. These rules do not "act" on us, we are
and manifest these rules.

Do you mean for humans, because of our power to mofify the enviroment ?

> Please clarify your "Are you mad" remark. In what sense? Do you
honestly believe that we should always feel good? I don't think that's

It was just for the sake of information ... Anger is certanly a good
motor to sell ideas but often a not so good one to buy any.


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