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ashwin kelkar has written on 09/03/00 03:52 :
<... what is meant by a coincidence detector>
A coincidence detector is a device which allows for an output signal to be
generated when and only when a 'significant' number of conditions are
simultaneously met at its inputs. It operates rather like a logical
AND-gate, with a proportion : a great number of inputs must be active at
once, but not all of them at any time. Basically, that's the way a 'common'
pyramidal neuron operates.
Remarks :
- Such an operating mode is entirely independent of the very nature of
signals, and the model can be reproduced and used at many places for quite
different purposes.
- Although the output signal is granted a value of certainty, synaptic
contacts change it into a 'proposal' for other neurons it is connected with;
it is up to them to accept or to neglect it, in accordance with their own
condition at this moment.

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