what is a thought ?, are we living in the same 'reality' ?

patrik bagge patrik-b at online.no
Sat Mar 11 11:38:37 EST 2000

Thank you for your high quality text, more of that !

In the meantime i would like to ask what your opinion is
regarding perception & forming of concepts
at different abstraction levels.

Some of us over at comp.ai.philosophy are currently
debating over the variance in perception when one
is talking about the concept of 'blue' and the more abstract
perception of 'immoral behaviour'

How sure can we be that we perceive the same 'thing'
as other humans ?
and not mix in earlier learning/experience/perception in all
our new 'evaluations'
The brain seems to heavily rely on feedback loops
at different functional levels. (synchronous oscillation)

Patrik Bagge

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