subarachnoid Cyst

kappen kappen at
Mon Mar 13 23:19:47 EST 2000

My wife is 34 years old and has a subarachnoid cyst. It is large and exerts
tremendous pressure on the front and left side of the brain. CAT identified
that left side of the brain is deformed. MRI identified it as a large cyst.

She was an excellent student till age of 14 ( rank holder in school). One
day all of a sudden she started behaving strange and it was diagnosed as a
psychiatric problem. The psychiatric treatment continued for all these years
without a brain scan. A recent brain scan revealed the cyst.

Our psychiatrist says that all the mental problems are due to the cyst.
Neurologist says that psychiatric troubles may be due to cyst, so what ?
Take psychiatric medications and live with the cyst. Meanwhile my wife is
struggling with her life because the medication makes her dizzy. She wants
to achieve many things but she is not able to do so. I want to help my wife
by insisting on draining the cyst. Is there anyone out there who can give us
some guidance. The neurologist apparently has not come up with a reason why
he doesn't want to drain the cyst. Please help us with your knowledge.


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