strange theory?

Richard Norman rsnorman at
Tue Mar 14 21:03:48 EST 2000

I haven't seen the show you describe but
   1) There are many Harvards in the world
   2) There are many people at "the" Harvard who are off the wall.
        Remember, that is where Timothy Leary and Tom Lehrer were
        from (or am I revealing my age).
    3)  You can interpret such a theory in two ways.  First, the brain
       is actually a kind of radio receiver being controlled by beings
       (or sinister governments).  Alternatively, the human brain is a
       receptacle absorbing an incredible amount of information about
       the world (and the people who live in it) through our sense organs.
       The "external" information gets mixed up with the "internal state"
       to produce a pattern of behavior plus a new "internal state".   (Or
       maybe that is a better description of a Turing machine???)

Paul Westenkirchner <pmwestenkirchner at> wrote in message
news:38CE7D56.6B03E950 at
> I saw a show on pbs or discover channel where they were talking to
> innovative thinkers about new ideas. One of the people talked about a
> theory where the human brain is really a receiver that gets information
> from outside itself. I think this guy was from Harvard. If anyone could
> give me his name or point to information on his theory I would
> appreciate it.
> Paul W

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