Postdoc position in C. elegans lab

patterson at waksman.Rutgers.EDU patterson at waksman.Rutgers.EDU
Wed Mar 15 10:53:47 EST 2000

I am looking for a post-doc interested in studying C.elegans development
or neurobiology in my lab at Rutgers University. Prior experience in C.
elegans is not necessary, as we are one of six excellent C. elegans
laboratories on campus. For more information about my research
interests, see:
For a recent review, see Patterson and Padgett, 2000, Trends Genet.
There are ongoing projects in the lab, as well as several excellent
projects that can be developed independently. Funding for the position
is available.
The scientific environment is excellent. We have six C. elegans labs on
campus, which allows us to share reagents and knowledge, regularly
prepare knockout libraries, etc. We participate regularly in the New
York Area Worm Meeting. Rutgers and our sister, UMDNJ, have over 200
biological science faculty.
If you are interested, please send a CV to:
Garth Patterson
Rutgers University
Dept. Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Nelson Biological Labs, Room A231
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone: (732) 445-7181
FAX 445- 7192
patterson at

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