To Katrina....Re: evolutionary significance of emotions !!

Chris Weaver pansapiens at
Wed Mar 15 12:45:01 EST 2000

I just browsed through this newsgroup and read this post (because I am a
student of evolutionary biology)... however the original author's... is missing... I would really like to get in touch with her
because the entire letter she wrote could have been authored by me... I came
for evolutionary biology but ended up reading the most fulfilling commentary
on issues in my own life I have ever read (only "problem" is its not my
Chris W.
University of Georgia

"But Mom, he said all green
>> snakes are poisonous, and they aren't!" "Well, who cares? There wouldn't
>> have been a conflict if you'd kept your mouth shut." "But it wan't
>> true!" "Oh, why do you have to be so contrary all the time?"
>> --Katrina

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