When to operate

Wayne wayne-pierce at msn.com
Wed Mar 15 13:33:32 EST 2000

For some time I have had a ruptured disk in my thoracic spine. The pain is
sometimes rather terrible and it radiates into my chest cavity. Yet doctors
look at the abnormality and say it does not require surgery. I do not
understand why, if a ruptured disk is killing me with pain, they don't want
to operate.
    When I first started having spinal problem, a food friend advised that
they neurosurgeons won't do anything until you are laying on the floor and
can't get up. He said that he sought help for a couple years because his
back was killing him, but they would take no action. Finally he fell and
they had to haul him to the hospital in an ambulance. Anyone know why one
must live in such agony and wait so long from neurosurgeons? It seems
neurologists are very intend to verify everything with their testing--I
forget what they called the tests with the electrodes and wires and such.
Why can't they just listen to the patient?
    Does anyone know if I would have better luck with an orthopedic surgeon?

Thanks,  Wayne

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