Consciousness pioneers gather the wagons in Tucson AZ USA.

Patrik Bagge pab at
Wed Mar 29 07:23:06 EST 2000

Arthur T. Murray wrote in message <38db01bb at>...
>Consciousness is no longer regarded as a problem in the PD AI of
> because we expect
>the emergence of an epiphenomenon:  The robot is aware of itself.
>First the sensing of self, then the naming and conceptualization
>of self, will create a vortex or mindstorm of associations which
>as the illusion of consciousness will actually BE consciousness.

I'd have to agree with you, there is probably nothing more to it.
Of course this 'nothing more' is quite a piece of work.
It probably isn't implemented in 100K lines of code...

First one needs the distinction of self.
Then being aware of what self does AND thinks, self-aware.
When beginning to question/contemplate one owns
acts/strategies/thoughts, mostly with respect to defined goals
then consciouness is not far away (by human standards)


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