Standards in Artificial Intelligence

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Wed Nov 1 16:29:09 EST 2000

In article <3A008225.4C017357 at>, L.A. Loren <lloren at> wrote:
>Jerry Freedman Jr wrote:
>> > Other than Neural Net computing, Artificial Intelligence is a bunch
>> of bullshit.
>> >
>> > Hope that helps.
>> At the risk of starting a flame war ( hell, I was snubbed, insulted,
>> treated as an uncultured boor by enough AI investigators in the 80's)
>> How did that BS last as long as it did?
>I do think you need to expand the list of non-bullshit approaches a bit.
>I think some of the work in embodied cognition like Brooks' subsumption
>architecture, Randall Beer, Mark Tilden, etc. warrants more research.
>There's also evolutionary algorithms, and probably a few others. It's
>worth noting that most of these folks go to great lengths to distance
>themselves from classical AI.

Actually, so did the genuine researchers into AI!  Unfortunately,
they got, er, steamrollered by the power of the effluent stream.

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