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> >> Instead we funded AI research.  Maybe the lunar exploration
> >> cut-off is not so surprising after all.
> >20/20 hindsight?  To me, an intelligent machine is much more
> >interesting than lumps of rock floating in space.  That the Apollo
> >program succeeded, and AI did not, is a different matter.
> One could debate that, but it is off-group.  However, you are
> confusing "AI" with intelligent machines.  I don't know whether
> the term "AI" was coined by some clueless (if eminent) academic,
> hijacked by another of the same class, invented by the press, or
> what.  But it is and always has been nonsense.
John McCarthy, I believe, is credited with the term "AI."  See for his homepage.
> It was originally a term for genuine research into the limits
> of what could be done with computers, often including natural
> language processing.  This was and is all good, sound research.
> It hasn't got very far, but we now have a deeper understanding
> of the problems :-)  That class of "AI" researcher usually
> loathed being associated with the term "AI".
> It was then hijacked by some people to use as a sexy name
> for some empirical search and optimisation techniques
> (so-called neural nets and all that).  They predated the
> term "AI" by many years, at least as it was used applied
> to them.  Use of the term "AI" for this is simply nonsense.
> And then there is "Mentifex", who is an independent thinker
> among independent thinkers :-)  I quite like his postings,
> though I should prefer not to have repeats ....
Upthread (a lovely term I learned but yesterday on is
not a repeat but a distillation over which I labored half an hour.

> Frankly, I think that the term "AI" should be left to Mentifex.
Thank you for tolerating my *non-repetitive* presence in the group.
Soon I will "put up or shut up" by achieving AI functionality in (32-bit Mind.Forth)
or by re-writing the AI in Forth-like JavaScript so that the
resulting not "applet" but "mindlet" escapes from captivity
and hopscotches over thousands of desktop browser screens
on its way to a proper AI habitat:  your supercomputer.

Humbly insistent,
Arthur T. Murray, mentifex at
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