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Thu Nov 2 10:12:32 EST 2000

"Glover, Roger" wrote:
> Aaron R. Kulkis wrote:
> > > Other than Neural Net computing, Artificial Intelligence is a bunch
> > > of bullshit.
> Well... genetic algorithms show some promise too.
> Jerry Freedman Jr wrote:
> ...
> > At the risk of starting a flame war ( hell, I was snubbed, insulted,
> > treated as an uncultured boor by enough AI investigators in the 80's)
> With most of the rest of us here it was the MPP pushers in the 90's.
> > How did that BS last as long as it did?
> AI?  Strong attraction to playing God on the part of many researchers
> and funding agencies.  Just enough "breakthroughs" to drive the research
> engine through another funding cycle.  Desire to have HAL available for
> the first manned mission to the outer planets next year.  :^)
> None of it particularly surprising.  Just people being people.
> Along science and technology R&D lines, what I find most surprising is
> that we could put six sets of men on Earth's moon in 3.5 years... AND
> THEN **NEVER** RETURN AGAIN.  That failure of vision will never cease to
> astonish me.

Failure of vision.

Exactly WHAT can be accomplished on the moon that can't be done
in a space station or shuttle orbiter?

Basically, we went to the moon for PROPAGANDA purposes.

There's NOTHING on the moon that we don't have here on earth.
Just cold silicate and volcanic found on so many beaches
and islands around the world.

>              For stupid shortsightedness, this decision s rivaled only
> by the decision by the 15th century Ming rulers in China to stop funding
> their naval explorations.

Wrong.  The Chinese would have gained greatly by further nautical
exploration of the earth.

On the other hand, we have very little to gain by sending more and
more rockets to the moon.  The cost/minute of having a man on the
moon is incredible.  (Compare that with the cost/day of having
men exploring a coast, who can always drop anchor wherever they
please, and send a party ashore for more food).

> Instead we funded AI research.  Maybe the moon launch cut-off is not so
> surprising after all.

The whole moon-race thing was for propaganda purposes to demonstrate
that our technological base was more advanced than the Soviets.

Interestingly, the Soviets *never* even tried to go to the moon.
Whether that was because they considered it beyond their abilities,
or just not worth the investment is something of debate.

But...anyway, the majority of the payoff of going to the moon was
realized BEFORE Armstrong and crew ever strapped in...namely, the
technological innovation needed to get Appolo to the moon.

Successive launches saw no real change in technology, as there was
no *need* to improve the technology.  Thus, the majority of the
gain has already been realized at that point.

And what did we get from all of the moon-trips?

Movies of Armstrong skipping like a schoolboy, various guys
driving the space dune-buggy, Cernan (?) making a shot with
a 7-iron....and a few nondescript rocks to put in the Smithsonian.

> -- Roger

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