Standards in Artificial Intelligence

Greg Pfister pfister at
Thu Nov 2 13:38:23 EST 2000

"Aaron R. Kulkis" wrote:
> Interestingly, the Soviets *never* even tried to go to the moon.
> Whether that was because they considered it beyond their abilities,
> or just not worth the investment is something of debate.

That's not what I heard recently (sorry, can't recall the
source). They did try, very hard, in fact. They blew up quite a
number of rockets, along with cosmonauts, attempting it. They
just didn't tell anybody about anything unless there was a
success, while the USA did the whole thing in full-glare

> H: "Having found not one single carbon monoxide leak on the entire
>     premises, it is my belief, and Willard concurs, that the reason
>     you folks feel listless and disoriented is simply because
>     you are lazy, stupid people"
... and many more lines ...

How about toning down the .sig a trifle?

Greg Pfister
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