Standards in Artificial Intelligence

John Bayko "jbayko" at
Thu Nov 2 22:10:18 EST 2000

>> Other than Neural Net computing, Artificial Intelligence is a bunch
>> of bullshit.
>> Hope that helps.
> At the risk of starting a flame war ( hell, I was snubbed, insulted,
> treated as an uncultured boor by enough AI investigators in the 80's)
> How did that BS last as long as it did?

    "Artificial Intelligence" is simply a name - it means "what can't be
done - yet, we hope". Any time something in AI is discovered that works,
it is immediately moved into a different field. "Prolog" becomes "logic
programming", "image recognition" becomes "signal processing", "fuzzy
logic" becomes "control systems", and so on.
    "AI" is sort of a nursery of promising ideas. The ones that grow up,
leave home.
    All the easy ones have already done so, which is why it seems like
such a bland wasteland these days. There's also no web-based e-commerce
interface, which has pretty much killed any CS research that doesn't run
on MS Windows.

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