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Maynard Handley wrote:
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> >The whole moon-race thing was for propaganda purposes to demonstrate
> >that our technological base was more advanced than the Soviets.
> >
> >Interestingly, the Soviets *never* even tried to go to the moon.
> >Whether that was because they considered it beyond their abilities,
> >or just not worth the investment is something of debate.
> But there was the infamous Brezhnev joke:
>     Brezhnev: Comrades, if the Americans can put a man on the moon, we
> will put a man on the sun!
>     Astronaut: But comrade Brehznev, we will be burned alive.
>     Brezhnev: Don't you think we thought of that? You will land at night.

The very essence of Russian humor.

> Maynard

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