Does Inteligence require conciousness?

L.A. Loren lloren at
Fri Nov 3 09:14:38 EST 2000

mejqb at wrote:
> Human-level intelligence probably requires consciousness,
> contra Chalmers' zombie notion 

I'm afraid I never made it past the first few pages of Chalmers for that
very reason, although I've heard good things about the book and do plan
to finish it at some point.

>  -- the work of Bernard Baars
> and others shows the role that consciousness plays, or may play,
> in intelligence.  

I'm quite interested in this topic, if you could provide names or
references for the "and others" I'd appreciate it.

> But the human model isn't the only possible
> model, and non-conscious intelligence seems quite possible.

Merleau-Ponty spent the better part of his career developing notions of
bodily intelligence and bodily cognition, both of which are pre (and to
that extent non) conscious. The bulk of this work can be found in "The
Phenomenology of Perception". His work also extends quite nicely to
animals and some of his early work deals explicitly with animals. If you
are interested I would recommend Monica Langers' analysis of "The
Phenomenology of Perception". Although it's out of print, it's well
worth getting and serves as a useful guide.


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