Williams syndrome = negroid - gene(s) ?

Nick Medford nick at hermit0.demon.co.uk
Fri Nov 3 15:30:17 EST 2000

In article <8tv2tg$kvt$1 at ctb-nnrp2.saix.net>, cglur at onwe.co.za writes
>Having no 'biological-type' education, I'd appreciate opinions
>on this remarkable (to me) observation:
>A 1 hour BBC-TV documentary (The Open university) 

Nice to know the OU is available in South Africa.

>Williams syndrome.
>I managed to write down:
>* chromosome 7, extra dna (Downs has 'missing' dna)

You may have "managed" to write this down, but it's completely wrong, and
I don't imagine the Open University made the mistake. Most cases of
Down's are caused by trisomy 21, that is, an EXTRA copy of chromosome
21. Meanwhile Williams syndrome is caused by a microdeletion of part of
chromosome 7, i.e missing DNA.

>* one per 50'000
>* known since 1961
>1. weak visual spatial solving ability,
>2. strong social (friendly), communication abilities,
>3. strong music, rythm abilities.
>4. common 'negroid caricature' (my interpretation) facial features.

Ah. Your interpretation. Perhaps misinterpretation would be a more accurate

Having seen a number of children with this condition I cannot imagine how
you came to this 'interpretation'... unless (but surely not!) you have some
pre-existing agenda to do with race and genetics, and are hoping to find
justification for some racist theory by invoking this disorder as "evidence".

A quick dip in a textbook shows that the characteristic facial appearance in
Williams syndrome is described as "small nose with anteverted nostrils". Are
you SERIOUSLY trying to tell us that this sounds like a Negroid feature?

By the way, 2 other characteristic features of Williams syndrome are
hypercalcaemia and supravalvular aortic stenosis. You may not know what
these are, but take it from me, they have nothing to do with race.
>Attributes 1,2,3 I KNOW as being strongly represented in the
>negroid population.

What reputable research can you cite for attribute 1?

>This is TOO MUCH of a coincidence !!

It is certainly too much. Once again this group is invaded by someone
spouting garbled pseudo-science in support of some unpleasant racial dogma.
Take it somewhere else.

>Thanks for opinions,

You're welcome.

Nick Medford

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