Williams syndrome = negroid - gene(s) ?

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> Having no 'biological-type' education, I'd appreciate opinions
> on this remarkable (to me) observation:
> A 1 hour BBC-TV documentary (The Open university) featured
> Williams syndrome.
> I managed to write down:
> * chromosome 7, extra dna (Downs has 'missing' dna)

Snip that which Nick Medford whacked to the boundary.


>From chromosomes to CAG repeats, this business of genetic repeats seem to
feature in neurodegenerative conditions, though here in completely unrelated
ways. Huntington's must have over 40(? - varying refs here) CAG repeats and
this sets up some nasty processes.

One ref I have suggests that beyond a certain point the protein no longer
becomes soluble, thus cannot be folded by heat shock proteins and so
inactive but cannot be set up for proteosomal degradation, thus allowing
aggregates ... . Matches with reports of heat shock protein 27 being
implicated in Parkinson's disease, and possibly MS or Alzheimer's (mem
failure - amyloid?!). Recently, research suggested that the fibrilles of
Alzheimers like that of prions ... . Let's go to McDonald's .. Is there
anyone here who can shed light on why polyglutamine repeats can be so
dangerous for neurons?

How could someone possibly equate William's with negroid features? Somehow
Kofi Anan does not appear to be someone lacking in spatial abilities or IQ.
You won't find a single William's with that level of ability and skill, and
there are plenty of Kofi's in the world.


John H.
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