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>Frank Rosenblatt's work on Perceptrons was indeed started in the late 1950s.
>But the idea of self modifying connections among neurons accounting for
>learning goes back at least to Donald Hebb's pioneering book, "The
>Organization of Behavior" in 1949.

Interesting.  I can remember talking to various colleagues in the
early 1970s about the properties of a computer with self-modifying
connexions, and people saying that it had been considered many
years before.  I don't think that it was the same as the ones
you mention, but ideas have a habit of generating spontaneously
in many places at once.

I am pretty sure that the basic concepts were speculated before
even that, but I  don't have a reference - it may, however, have
been in a science fiction context, where a lot of good ideas
have originated :-)

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