if i take a drug to reduce addiction do i change my personality?

Shamim Khaliq shamim at khaliq.intensive.co.uk
Thu Nov 9 07:05:12 EST 2000

there's a new drug out called zyban to help people stop smoking. it elevates
dopamine levels in the mesolimbic system and has noradrenergic effects in
the locus coeruleus. it reduces craving. i'm an extravert, meaning increased
sensitivity to reward and novelty possibly due to increased dopaminergic
activity in the ventral tegmental projection system. it also makes me more
susceptible to addiction, presumably also due to increased reward. (see
http://www.cogsci.soton.ac.uk/bbs/Archive/bbs.depue.html) wouldn't a drug
that reduces the reward from stimulants also affect my personality?

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