Perceptual Structure

Glen M. Sizemore gmsizemore at
Fri Nov 10 17:31:10 EST 2000

Hi David,
Notice that I did not say, in any of my posts, that the
brain was not involved in behavioral phenomena,
and this includes "seeing" and "hearing" etc.

What I am attacking is the notion that a person's
current environment somehow enters the brain
where it is seen, heard, tasted etc.

"David Prince" <deprince at> wrote in message
news:KpqJ5.4731$KE5.41329 at news4.atl...
> Hi Glen! I have a question for you. Would a reflex be an example of
> something that is "perceived" without the brain being involved? It seems
> me that there is something *wrong* and *unscientific* about the whole
> concept of perception. Can you help me out?
> >Ian: The whole body is involved in seeing in that it
> >acts as  a data-acquisition apparatus where acquired
> >data (information) is not perceived until  it's been
> >proceeded in the brain. This is  empirically-based
> >basic physiology. If it  is not accurate, I've not seen
> >that shown.
> >

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