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Gilbert Groehn ultramedco at worldnet.att.net
Sun Nov 19 12:52:34 EST 2000

Hello John:

We do not currently have in stock any
computer ECG cards.   We do have a wide
variety of ECG devices, including patient monitors
that are electrically isoloated and could be used
to feed the analog input on a suitable A/D card
in your computer.  Even though the inputs are
isolated to biomed standards it is necessary to
check the isolation once you hook the system up
to external devices (A/D boards and the like) to
insure that the isolation has not been compromized.

The only ECG specific cards I am familiar with cost
considerably more than your proposed budget
allows, however the combination of one of our
inexpensive patient monitors (many under $500.00)
and a relatively inexpensivce A/D card may meet your
requirements.  Most of our monitors have a analog
output for the ECG signal and isolated patient input.

Thanks for your inquiry and hoping we may be able to
help with your equipment needs.

Our inventory of patient monitors can be seen at the
following URL:


Gil Groehn

John Mason <jmason at banspam.com> wrote in message
news:3A16931B.34E68161 at banspam.com...
> Thank you for posting. Among your equipment, what type of reasonably
> priced EKG computer cards can you recommend (<$500) that includes
> optical isolation for safety, required leads for clean signals, and
> easily understood software for analysis. All for
> experimental/educational purposes. Thanks. -- John
> ULTRAMED, INC. wrote:
> >
> > For exceptional values in pre-owned medical
> > and scientific equipment..........up to 90% off
> > original cost on most items, visit our WWW
> > site at the following URL's:
> >
> > http://ultramedco.home.att.net/contents.htm
> > -or-
> > http://ultramedco.home.att.net/list3.htm
> >
> > Looking forward to your visit and hoping that we
> > may be able to help you with some of your
> > equipment needs.
> >
> > Cordially,
> > Ultramed, Inc.
> > Gil Groehn
> > email:  ultramedco at att.net

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