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Wed Nov 22 15:50:43 EST 2000

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> > Genetic manipulations, which are going to allow us, within 10 years
> > time, to live 200 years and to provide food for all the children in the
> > world!
> feeding all the children in the world is no problem at all.  Feeding the
> adults is where it starts to get tricky...
> Blaa

Don't forget about evolution. Genetic engineering might seem to solve some
immediate problems, but you have to look down the road. Creating so-called
"super-strains" might lead to unknowable ripple effects in the ecosystem.
The best thing is simply to be educated on population biology and ecology,
and to be careful. Bowing to the all-might dollar is really what people
are thinking about most of the time; their efforts to "feed the world" are
pseudo-humanitarian. What we really need is LESS PEOPLE, I.E. consciously
controlled breeding (which of course we have in the first world). 

What all that has to do with neuroscience is beyond me.

= Gilbert

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