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Wed Nov 22 18:30:03 EST 2000

On 20 Nov 2000 19:39:11 -0000, HMA007 at (HASSAN MOHAMED
>Dear Sir/Madam
>What explanations have been proposed for the post-tetanic potentiation

If I recall my dissertation work properly, PTP is due to residual Ca2+
ions and residual short-term phosphorylation intracellularly after a
tetanus which decays in a couple of seconds/minutes. PTP is very
unphysiological, so it's not very interesting to most people. (Of
course some would argue that STP/LTP stimulation isn't very either)

STP is on the time scale of a couple of hours and LTP up to 12 or so
hours. I believe that no form of potentiation has ever been shown to
last more than a day (not because of a negative result, it's just not
technically feasible).

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