characteristics of sound/light receptors

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Thu Nov 23 14:28:13 EST 2000

I am preparing a scientific article to be (hopefully) published in a
comparative psychology journals. I need to show how receptors respond
differently to changes in the intensity of stimulation compared to
other characteristics of stimulation (e.g. sound frequency or light
wavelength). To do this I would like to get electrophysiological data
about photoreceptor or sound receptor output to different
stimulations. Ideally I would like to have:

1. plot of receptor activity vs. light wavelength (say) when light
   intensity is constant.

2. plot of receptor activity vs. light intensity when light wavelength
   is constant.

I want to show that in the first case you abtain a more-or-less
bell-shaped graph, while in the second case you get a monotonically
increasing curve.

The same data with sound frequency / sound intensity would be fine

Thanks a lot for your attention, you will be duly acknowledged in the

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