This is not a sales ad. Took a look you might like it.

Kris krisbeazley at
Mon Nov 27 19:27:34 EST 2000

Hello, Currently seeking creative personalities for online projects based on
Your Thoughts.
My web page is titled BioSpirituality or
If you're a little curious what this is all about, then go check the page.
There is no cost or sign up fees*.  Only your time in the work (writings)
you create.   This is not a sneaky sales pitch.
So what will you create?  My hope is to explore the tangled linguistic world
of words.**  To redefine the unjustified concepts that relate to incorrect
ideas, and to capture this new age some call "modern life."
I can be reach via email, and/or correspond here with you here at the

*There is no charge, however if the works of others, e.g., hundreds, or
thousands, became a reality, I would charge accordingly.  This is because of
my web hosting company allows 200megabites to serve with my plan, now when I
reach that limit I apply for more space. Now, some very lengthy HTML
documents might not ever reach over 100kb, unless your sending me a book.
** In keeping you in as much awareness as possible in such a short post,
Most of the work that I am seeking is a dichotomy-type of work.  But I know
that is only a percentage of what we could do in this whole field.

Thanks Kris

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