Searching for a scientist Physics-Psychology

George Hammond ghammond at
Mon Nov 27 19:28:01 EST 2000


  I am a U.S. Physicist (M.S. 1967) and an expert
in Psychometry (Factor analysis) in Psychology.
  As you may know, this is a highly unusual
combination of interdisciplinary expertise.
Few Psychologists know anything about Physics
and even fewer Physicists know anything about
  I am conducting a worldwide search for another
scientist with this background in order to discuss
and evaluate a new and dramatic scientific discovery.
(Discovery of the Structural Model).
  If you know of any research scientist who has:

        1. An expertise in Physics,
           to the graduate level,
           including particularly
           Relativity Theory.

        2. An expertise in Psychometry,
           including particularly the
           "Factor Analysis" of Personality
           and Intelligence tests.

Please contact me immediately by email at:

    ghammond at

Age, nationality, gender is unimportant, as long
as the scientist is English speaking.

Thank you in advance,
George Hammond,
 M.S. Physics/Psychology

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