Six-degrees-of Carlsson, Greengard, Kandel

Charles Packer packer at
Sat Oct 14 07:17:18 EST 2000

As a footnote to the Physiology Nobel Prize announcements,
I've annotated an image of a citation matrix I've had at my
website for a couple of years:

The matrix is, in effect, a snapshot of neuroscience in the
1970s that shows how 1,052 highly-cited authors are clustered
by the 16,432 authors who cited them. 

As of 1975, Carlsson and Greengard were highly cited -- by 207
and 172 other authors, respectively. Kandel hadn't been cited
at all...or did I miss some data? The way I compiled the data
from the Science Citation Index was similar to the way a Web
crawler works today.

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