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Bill Skaggs skaggs at
Fri Sep 1 14:45:08 EST 2000

Moanin Lisa <missthing2u at> writes:

> Hey folks, 
> I'm basically looking for an interested doctor here.  I've got some
> pretty alarming neuro symptoms which land me in ERs in severe pain from
> time to time.  I've got vertigo, head pains, loss of hearing, and some
> other problems.  Also, I've got a foreign metallic object in my head. 
> (no accidents, etc.)  Don't ask where it came from.  I have no idea. 
> alien jokes.  ;-)  So, I can't have an MRI.  I get
> passed on and blown off by doctors.  Also, during a CT scan last night,
> I had a great amount of discomfort from the procedure.  (to say the
> least)  I'm really confused, can't find the right doctor, and need help
> soon.  My problems are debilitating and I'm sick of living my life like
> this.  Another thing is that my family does not have insurance.  Any
> input at all, or suggestions, would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you
> in advance.
> --


  Your symptoms are shared by many people, and they can be treated
by drugs, but you will need to see a psychiatrist to get them.  It
is probably possible for you to get treatment without insurance if
you ask for it -- but since your email gives very little clue about
your situation or where you are, it is hard to give more specific

  Best of luck,

	-- Bill

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