Stem Cell Regeneration Experiments

Steven Edwards rand at
Sat Sep 2 17:44:43 EST 2000

On 2 Sep 2000 16:45:16 +0100, scientists_2001 at (Kevin Stazey)
>I would like to know if there are researches going on
>in stem cell regeneration. I am concerned about the
>issues on consciousness and unconsciousness of
>"vegetative state" . There are situations especially
>in third world countries that these conditions no
>longer are analyzed by degrees. To what extent (by
>degrees) does unoxygenation (suicide by hanging) of
>the brain damage the person? To what extent (by
>degrees) does clotting and other accidental situations
>damage the brain? I hope there are publications on
>these which one can refer especially on the scientific
>guidelines so as not to bury a living dead. 
>Prof. I. T. S. 

There are some studies going on about using stem cells to regenerate
cells lacking in certain diseases.  A study was just released about a
week ago about using stem cells in a person with Parkinson's.

I think the "extent" of the damage varies from person to person.  I
went 10 minutes without oxygen to my brain and I'm doing pretty good.

Hope this helps. :-)

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