What are the components of human level AI?

Jure Sah jure.sah at guest.arnes.si
Thu Sep 7 03:41:07 EST 2000

Adding a news group on subject to gather more responses.
Also I'm not expert on this area, tell me it there is anything terribly
wrong with my theories.

Owleye wrote:
> George Bajszar wrote:
> > What should be the software components of human level AI?

Why do you think that the only way of reaching human 'level' AI (gosh,
do we level it?) is to create a brain? To my opinion that is nonsense.
We could make it digital or analog, parallel or sequential; it doesn't

> I wonder why you are led to believe the brain is (entirely) analog.  It
> seems to me that it is more likely to have digital components in it.

To my theory the neurons are using chemicals to communicate (synapses)
and digital computers use only one type of electricity (except in
optical computers that use different colors of light), so you can't
quite say that is digital. Also the neurons are using amplitude
controlled gates, amplifiers and other amplitudal stuff that is in the
very core of being "analog".

> Indeed, the linguistic element of the brain seems to require some sort of
> encoding and decoding of the data stream such that recognizable signs are
> stored and retrieved on demand.  I might concede that memory is in part
> analog.

If that is what you base your opinion on, then I need some more
information for an opinion/answer. Perhaps the people at
news:bionet.neuroscience can post some of it.


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