Robot Dreams

Jure Sah jure.sah at
Mon Sep 11 07:53:41 EST 2000

Tater Schuld wrote:
> assimov did a story about dreaming. summarized:
> the robot said
> in my dream i saw a man, came to tell the robots to stop working for man and
> to be free. when i saw his face i saw i was that man.
> the robot was immediately destroyed.

Asimov also wrote there most SF bulk there is to see around other books.
One thing is that Asimov was trying to tell the people what is wrong to
be done. Education by books always runs this way: The writer presents
the environment in a particular light and then tries to emulate a
particular emotion; that's how people learn without experiencing things.
Now we have learned the lesson; it will not happen again.


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