Robot Dreams

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> Because the robot dream is happening after all inside a computer,
> all robot dreams may be monitored as images and sounds in a kind of
> theater of the unconsciousness for analysis or even for reentry by
> the robot into one of its former dreams.

This is not going to work, sorry.

You cannot monitor complex system without affecting it.

The catch is you need some sort of communication channel to your
system. This channel will have a certain finite bandwidth.
This bandwidth will be much less than the combined bandwitdh
of all interconnections within the system itself. This means
that an outside observer will never have the whole picture
of the system.

The solution is to make the system itself to resolve contextual
dependencies before sending the information through the channel.
Doing this will take time and resources and therefore affect the
present state of the system.

IOW in your case only the robot itself can translate its thoughts
or dreams into words or images.


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