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> >   Thanks for the excellent discussion! I haven't read such good
> >spirited discussion on internet for quite some time.
> This is one of the best places you can find.
> >   Since one can not keep taking without giving back, I will chip
> >in my two cents:
> >   I believe the basic function of sleep is to stop the
> >fully-awake cycle and start a maintenance cycle.
> Before you start, you may wish to consider another aspect:
> During the dream state, you move to you "home" domain.
> You virtually "travel" to the domains of non-physical.
> Tremendous inspiration happens during the time of sleep.
> Most fluid information exchange between this domain and
> others happend in the dream state, as in the "waking"
> state, you are largely bound by the limitations of the
> physical domain, concerned with many things of the
> rudimentary phisical level.
> > The Hypothalamus
> >determines when sleep is needed:
> This can not be proven.
> It is UTTERLY unclear what "determines" what.
> In a larger sense, your ESSENSE "determines" the focus.
> It is utterly unclear what is "connected" to what
> and what is the "cause" of what.
> You CAN make the statements of the kind
> "we observe this and this to concide with that and that",
> but what is the CAUSE of what, is the CAUSE of what,
> is outside of your scope.
> >(a) To refresh the body: human body generates many waste and
> >    some of them are poisonous if not clean up in timely fashion.
> >    Hypothalamus monitors the contents of blood and orders
> >    a maintenance cycle should body is in bad shape. This is
> >    when a sick patient starts to feel sleepy.
> >(b) To refresh the brain: as a special case to (a), the brain
> >    is often the first components of the body that signals the
> >    need for a maintenance cycle. The brain consumes the majority
> >    of energy and blood supply in normal condition. A high school
> >    student often feels sleepy due to heavy homework.
> Well, interestingly enough, if you look at it from a different
> angle, you may get a little surprise.
> You see, before you go to sleep, you seem to be tired and
> exhausted. If you try to go on for 30-40 hours, you may find
> yourself nearly "dead", so hopeless seem to be the case.
> Now, after being TOTALLY exhausted, you have some sleep,
> and when you wake up, you are alive again.
> This might look like "nothing new" to some "scientists",
> but it is simply shocking.
> How can you become alive just within a few hours after
> seeing death?
> You can rationalize about it. You can look at the microscope,
> or some other scope and assert "oh, we can see 'how it all
> woiks'", but you have seen nothing in that case.
> It IS a miracle of sorts. Such a tremendous change in resources
> it is. It is going from the point of being bankrupt
> to the point of being a "millionaire", just in few hours.
> The processes during the sleep are pretty much misunderstood
> in their entirety. The most misterious and magical aspects
> of sleep TOTALLY escape your perception.
> Sleep is one of the most tremendous subjects you can find
> and sleep will eventually provide you with the hints to
> your true intelligence.
> Carl Jung was one of the most revolutionary scientists
> as he, "all of a sudden", came up with an idea of collective
> subconscious. That was a revolutionary step.
> That implies that there are communications between the individuals
> of a group, aligning the individual ideas along the particual lines.
> Finally, you develop a common fabric on the subconscious level.
> You do not even consciously perceive it necessarily.
> It all seems "natural" to you. You all think along the same lines.
> Now, in the dream state, there are most profound communications
> take place, and the reason they are most profound is because
> you simply have no limits at "that time".
> You migh recall some of your dreams and may eventually realize
> that you were engaged in the LITERAL magic.
> Why?
> Well, because you were walking down your street, then turning
> around the corner, and, all of a sudden, were walking in
> a totally different city, or even age. You might even have
> a different identity altogether.
> Why?
> Yes, a good kwestion. Worth investigating indeed.
> But the "bottom line" is that in your dreams you were outside
> the scope of time and space, and yet you WERE.
> Sometimes you CLEARLY remember those dreams, no matter what
> someone may "explain" about "how it 'really' woiks".
> Yes, you WERE ouside of scope of limitation of the phisical
> domain in that junction.
> Can you take it from here?
> >(c) To refresh the memory: as a special case to (b), the memory
> >    encoding/retrieval is heavy part of the overall consciousness
> >    process in brain. The cortex that dominates the memory and
> >    thinking process is the prefrontal lobe, it consumes most of
> >    the blood supply and energy of the brain. Thus it is often the
> >    first components in the brain that triggers the signal for a
> >    maintenance cycle.
> >
> >    The maintenance cycle is signified by a 7-13 Hz alpha wave.
> >    It may not actively clean up the neuron, but it does help
> >    inhibit the neuron and send them back to initial state.
> Well, it is not clear what the alpha waves trully signify.
> All you can state that you are clearly in a different state.
> Another thing you can clearly state is that you ARE.
> That is not to be forgotten.
> It is not merely a trivial "fact".
> It is the KEY.
> >(d) To calm the emotion: as another special case to (b), the
> >    emotion system (limbic)
> Please, be nice.
> This is a herecy of sorts.
> ALL you can state, again, is that you can observe certain
> things, coinciding with certain other things, but to call
> a limic system an emotion system is stretching your abilities
> beyond your means.
> > is also part of the consciousness.
> Indeed,
> and a CORE part at that.
> That is the part that provides you with the very
> impetus to be.
> And that is the same part, this destructive society of yours
> is trying to supress and literally anihilate.
> The most cunning, well understood trick.
> Unless you can see it, you will be a slave.
> There simply is no other way.
> >    The limbic system causes emergency reaction and results in
> >    consuming large amount of blood supply and energy.
> Because you are operating at your peak.
> > The
> >    consequence is also signals for the need of maintenance
> >    cycle after the emotional reaction.
> Yes, widhrawal from the engagement definetely has recuperating
> effects.
> That is the very nature of meditation.
> It is active widhrawal from engagement and entaglements
> of the physical domain.
> Refreshing as it gets.
> And yet, your awareness is FULLY functioning.
> It is not some kind of a zomby state.
> Nothing further from the truth.
> It is a state of certain peak functioning,
> as far, as your consciousness is concerned,
> only without exhausting evaluation process,
> otherwise continuously draining your resources
> during the "normal" "waking" state of activity
> of the mind, logical, reasonable, etc.
> >    However trying to sleep after an emotional event is very hard
> >    since many neurons are fired up to the fullest and is
> >    extremely hard to tame them with the alpha wave. Sleeping pill
> >    is often needed in these cases.
> Be careful.
> Sliping pill is a pill of death to your entity.
> Even if there are no actual side effects in terms of
> physical body, but is but a short circuit to your entire being.
> There is a reason why you are so emotinally engaged.
> There is something for your to LEARN from it.
> Those might be some of the most precious moments of your life.
> Why do you want to just short cirtuit it?
> What do you expect to happen "tomorrow"?
> Well, you might have missed the whole lesson.
> There are pretty good reasons why you are so emotionally engaged.
> So you can not fall asleep easily, and so you are worried,
> because accoring to this system of mass exploitation, you,
> just like a machine, are "supposed" to get up at the same time
> every moring and go do your "duties".
> So you are afraid of "falling outside of line" as they call.
> You feel threatened. You can not fall asleep and you need
> to be fresh the next day so that you can be sucked at the
> maximum rate. The more you are worried, the more you can
> not fall asleep.
> This is a time of tremendous revelations as to the very
> nature of who you are and what you do in this situation?
> Well, you are trying to short circuit this whole drama
> and fall back "in line", just to remain the same bio-robot.
> What is the life experience is all about then?
> Try to see that fear.
> Try to see that enxiety.
> Try to trust your own being
> and the nature of your very essense.
> Why not?
> >(e) To preserve energy: Even if none of the above occurs, the
> >    hypothalamus has an internal biological clock to mandate
> >    the 'wake' and 'sleep' cycle. It is normally coincide with
> >    the 'day' and 'night' cycle to preserve energy when there is
> >    nothing to do.
> This is just trying to fit something into something else.
> Very shallow indeed.
> Again, you are considering different subsystems and mechanisms
> of your body as some ultimate arbiteur, like they were some
> kind of entities, separate in themselves, and they are not.
> They are but a part of the "equasion".
> Again, every little cell within your body posesses what you
> know as consciousness, cooperating, communicating with other
> cells and conducting the most intricate and highly intelligent
> acts to facilitate your entire body.
> >    In modern society this biological clock is often disturbed by
> >    the artificial light. Many young people stay up all night
> >    dancing until cases a-d arises.
> Well, could it be is because your socieities are rotten to the core.
> If the young beings can not find peace during the day to enjoy
> themselves without being condemned, disturbed, judged or violated
> and are instead trying to enjoy themselves when these violent
> other people are asleep and can not possibly interfere,
> then your entire world has simply gone mad.
> Recognize this.
> Could be pretty beneficial.
> >  We still have a lot to learn in this subject.
> Oh, we haven't even began the REAL thing as yet.
> Still running like mad towads to global self anihilation.
> > Again, thanks for the excellent dialog!
> My pleasure.

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